About Us

As one of the established manufacturers representatives companies in the vital Northern California, Northern Nevada and Silicon Valley territories, Assembly Resource is focused on providing superior sales representation and support for our customers and principals.  As technology and equipment for Micro-Electronics, Semiconductor Packaging and SMT Assembly become more closely aligned, our product offerings and expertise will take advantage of this newly developing synergy to provide timely solutions and valuable knowledge.  Our mission is to solidify a position as one of the leading representative companies in the area.  This will be achieved through providing superior added value to our customers and principals by offering a higher level of support with extensive product and process knowledge.

Principals of the company

Leigh Jackson:  With over 20 years experience in PCB Surface Mount Technology (SMT), through-hole,  Micro-Electronics and Semiconductor Assembly, Leigh has a significant background of sales success, detailed product demonstrations and assembly process consulting.  Leigh has worked directly for many leaders in the electronics industry and as a manufacturers representative providing direct sales, product demonstration, process and marketing consulting.